Unlock Your Strategic Advantage

  • Take Control

    Our proprietary genomics platform provides the competitive intelligence to make informed decisions regarding IP investments, R&D focus, and market entry strategies.

  • Save Time and & Money

    Reduce the need for extensive in-house research teams or expensive external consultants. We’ve got all necessary tools in a single, streamlined platform.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Identify potential legal conflicts, market saturation points, and underexplored areas, thereby guiding risk management in business expansions and product developments.

Genome Analysis

  • Genome Search

    For any search, identify and analyze competitors and comparable companies based on their technology genomes.

  • Dynamic Interfaces

    Generates interactive visualizations that display market dynamics, including key players, market shares, and geographic penetration.

  • Segmentation Tools

    Enables users to view market segments based on technology, application, revenue, and more, facilitating targeted strategic planning.

Deep Market Insights

  • Advanced Analytics

    Delivers insights into emerging trends, using advanced algorithms to predict market movements and potential opportunities.

  • Competitor Benchmarking

    Provides detailed comparisons of competitors’ market positions, strengths, weaknesses, and strategic focuses.

  • Custom Reports

    Allows users to generate tailored reports focusing on specific industries, regions, or parameters critical to their business strategies.

Patent & IP Profiling

  • Automated Data Collection

    Aggregates data from multiple global IP databases to deliver comprehensive profiles on any company’s patent holdings.

  • Analysis Tools

    Offers analytical tools that allow users to assess the strength, scope, and relevance of patents within specific markets or technologies.

  • Alerts and Updates

    Users receive real-time notifications about new filings, changes in patent status, and potential infringements concerning their interests.